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Menstruation late! Am I Pregnant ?

Menstruation late! Am I Pregnant ? - It is no secret that the menstrual cycle can be used as a marker of pregnancy. However, many people who wrongly interpret it for granted. When you are late menstruation, you think that you are pregnant. This is a common mistake. You need to remember, late menstrual cycle does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.
So, if you really do not want to get pregnant, you do not need to panic. Or if you really want a pregnancy and you have missed a period, it is better you do not let your expectations too high. There are many factors that cause missed period and not all of them lead to pregnancy. Let us discuss further.

Menstruation late - Some Causes of Late Menstruation

Normally, the menstrual cycle or period that occurs once a month occurred because luruhnya unfertilized uterine wall. Because it is not fertilized, the lining of the uterus becomes "unused" and the mechanism will force her whole body because the uterine wall that will soon be formed. This decay would be bad blood that would come out of the vagina. That is the normal process of menstruation. Of course, for those of you who have missed period, to be sure nothing happens to your uterine wall decay process. However, as already mentioned before, not always delays in this process because your uterine wall eventually "unused" that occurred as a result of fertilization. One common example that could be the cause of the delay is the decay of physical health problems. When you are too tired because your busy. Mechanism of the formation of the new wall of the uterus will also be hampered. As a result, you will be missed period or your period lasts only a short time, then stop, then not long after menstruation occurs again. This is solely due to physical conditions that do not fit. There is also cause hormonal-related problems. Of course you already know that women are more sensitive than men. Therefore, women tend to be more "moody". It could also affect the pattern of your menstrual cycle. Take for example when you're stressed. There most likely, you will be late coming months or even skip cycle. Then there is another one that is quite alarming that cause disease in your uterus. Myoma and cysts are the most common. When the disease is growing in your uterus, it will affect your monthly cycle.

Menstruation late - What You Should Do

Things you can do when you experience a missed period is not to panic. Be calm will help you think clearly and take the next steps. The second one is trying to make your mind and body serileks may like to reproduce a break, do a hobby, take a holiday, and so on. When you are relaxed physically and mentally, your menstrual cycle will return to normal again. However, you are also strongly advised to consult a doctor if the cycle is too long delayed. It may be that you really are pregnant, or have disease in your uterus. Early treatment can greatly help you later.

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