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Recognize Asthma

Recognize Asthma - Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment. Asthma is still one serious health problem in the country. Until today there was an increase against this respiratory disease in terms of morbidity or even mortilitas asthma. Data print if pravelensi asthma in Indonesia ranges up to 5% and 9%, or up to 5 to 7 million people are infected with the disease of asthma. And as many as 2 million among sufferers require intensive care due to an acute asthma attack that is quite risky.

Generally, patients who require the condition being treated or getting intensive treatment, due to the patient or pendertia delayed diagnosis, as well as improper handling. Which it is the primary one trigger factor that is very problematic in the treatment of asthma.

Asthma is certainly not come suddenly and makes patients diagnosed with acute asthma. As with other diseases, asthma also comes with some symptoms before developing into an acute and severe illnesses that require intense medical treatment. Delay in diagnosis is generally more stout affected due to factors from the patient's own are reluctant or hesitate to check their health to medical experts.

Often overlook and underestimate an illness is what ultimately makes the patient experience delays in diagnosis. For that, given the need to completely handle asthma in a patient who contracted asthma, then the introduction of the disease, the symptoms and how to prevent it is imperative unknown. Well, here are some of the knowledge and recognition of the asthma, symptoms and how to prevent it.

Recognize Asthma - What is Asthma?

Asthma is a medical condition in which the bronchial airways in the lungs are narrowed so as to react to the patient having difficulty breathing. Usually asthma can attack or relapse with sudden and can also be caused by several factors that trigger asthma attacks. Which of course, these conditions would be very disruptive and makes a person difficult to run normal daily activities even in bad conditions can cause someone off and will not be able to perform usual activities. With the narrowing of the airways has resulted in the emergence of symptoms and characteristics such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath even when breathing sounds (bengi).

Asthma can not be cured completely. It just could be reduced by knowing the source of asthma triggers and avoid them. For that you should start by inhabiting and seek shelter and the environment around you completely clean.

Recognize Asthma - So Is Someone Esophageal symptoms Indicates Asthma?

Signs, symptoms or early warning that will be experienced by people with asthma before the advent of asthma attacks in this body are unique to each individual. Moreover, in the same individual was, the early symptoms can be the same, similar or may be entirely different. Some early signs of the disease before the onset of asthma may be detected only by the person concerned. While early warning others are more likely to be seen by others. Well, here are some signs or symptoms in patients with asthma before the advent of asthma
1. Difficulty Breathing
The first symptoms of an asthma attack is to mark the onset of difficulty in breathing. If someone who is running the activity or activities of day-to-day and suddenly he felt a difficulty in breathing as was so crowded. It may be that this indicates that the person is suffering from asthma. If this happens immediately consult a doctor for more details.
2. Pain In The Chest
Pain in the chest area can Nearby is also one of the symptoms of asthma, usually in the form of a feeling of pressure and heavy that attacked the chest area. Consult a physician or to the nearest clinic if these conditions affect you.
3. Often Feel Panic and Anxiety
If seseornag often experience anxiety and panic in some small things that happen in daily life. It also can indicate asthma symptoms. But of course this can be prevented and avoided by menengangkan themselves and consult with medical experts.
4. Cough Ongoing
One of the symptoms most often associated with attacks of asthma are coughing that occur continuously which resulted in being short of breath. If you experience these symptoms does not hurt berkosultasi immediately to the doctor. Some gajala above shows that there has been a change in the respiratory tract and the respiratory airflow becomes blocked. To that end, remedial action needs to be completely done separately addressing these symptoms in order not to worsen.
Then Is Triggered Cause Asthma?
Peyebab medical Seara asthma is still not known with certainty and the patient is sensitive to a stimulus such as emotional disturbances, air pollution, animal dander, and so forth. But of course, if that trigger asthma is caused by several factors this can be avoided by not approaching the source of asthma triggers. While other penyabab can also be caused due to blockage of the airways by thick mucus, in this case the patient will experience an easy draw breath but difficult to take it out back.
Well, as for some of the triggers that often causes asthma or recurrence of asthma in a sufferer are:
Air pollution (smoke, fumes, dust, chemicals, dust, sand, etc.)

  • Fur
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Anxiety, stress and fear
  • Pollen
  • Olaraga too much
  • Cold air

Recognize Asthma - How Prevention and Treatment Of Asthma Sufferers?

Until now berlum asthma can be cured with a total. As for some of the drugs recommended by doctors was limited to handling only form of prevention. The recommended drugs also can help make the airways even more loosely that occur in patients with asthma not cure his asthma.

But of course, do not worry, dissemination and transmission of asthma can be prevented by starting to detect and recognize your illness. If you frequently experience symptoms such as those mentioned above and often coughing at night. Then immediately go to the doctor and most importantly in preventing a disease is to avoid the source or the cause itself. So make sure if you always avoid sources and triggers that can make your asthma relapse or make you suddenly develop asthma. Make sure also if you live in a clean environment and protected from dirt and piles of dust.

Asthma is a respiratory disease that would make a person difficult to breathe and certainly makes this uncomfortable condition. To that end, remedial action as early as possible will help ease the burden on the sufferer. This article is expected to beberikan new knowledge and make a person able to recognize diseases and asthma symptoms as early as possible so that appropriate treatment can be immediately obtained.

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