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Recognize Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Recognize Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer - Cancer is a dangerous disease, cancer occurs because the cells are dividing uncontrollably. Abnormal cells can attack the network switch to a more remote location by entering the bloodstream.

Similarly, gender is identical cancer, a cancer that strikes women. Breast cancer and cervical cancer is a cancer that must be aware of the woman. Even cervical cancer can strike women in the world that is two minutes causing death. While in Indonesia, cervical cancer is a disease that often threaten, in fact in Indonesia 37 women die each day from cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer occurs in the cervix can develop decades in the woman's body without causing symptoms. This can lead to cervical cancer recently discovered at an advanced stage that it is difficult to cure. This article will help to recognize early symptoms of cervical cancer that can be detected early. Early treatment can help minimize the risk of cervical cancer.

Cancer is caused by cells dividing can not be controlled. In addition, some people experience a disorder defense so abnormal cell growth that can not be destroyed by normal tissue. Thus cancer is a disease that occurs due to an interruption control of normal cell growth regulation. So that disruption of cell regulatory controls that make the difference with normal cell growth.

Cancer develops through the process of carcinogenesis resulting from certain destruction in the body of the patient. At karsiogenesis process occurs in two stages, namely the initiation and promotion.

Factors that cause cancer is not known with certainty but a combination of genetic and environmental factors influence. Genetic factors cause some families have a higher risk while environmental factors can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Recognize Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer - Definition of Cervical Cancer :

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer or cervical cancer is a disease that is threatening the woman. Cervical cancer occurs in the female reproductive parts. The cervix itself is on a narrow section between the vagina and uterus, so that women who develop cervical cancer have abnormal conditions on the section.

The main factor for cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus (HPV) which attacks the cervix. HPV can affect both men and women, causing genital warts. Genital warts that occurs in so-called condyloma akuminatum. HPV will go away by itself when the immune system of patients can be overcome while cervical cancer occurs when there is an infection that is difficult to recover in time.

Cervical cancer is very dangerous even than 8000 cases ended in death. Cervical cancer appears as if he has no symptoms, so people never thought that he had been infected with cervical cancer.

Recognize Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer - Cause of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is caused by a virus that causes an infection in the cervix. Viruses can heal itself if the patient has a immune system to fight the virus while the virus that stare for a long time and raged due to the lack of immunity.

Cervical cancer is very easily spread through sexual intercourse. When someone is infected with the virus and then touching the genital area will move and also infects the cervix. In addition to the transmission of HPV virus is of closet WC is contaminated so that allows people who are infected with HPV transmit through the closet WC to the genital area.
The next cause of unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, lack of vitamin C and vitamin E can be the cause of HPV last longer in the body and led to the occurrence of cancer.

The risk of cervical cancer is the cause of under age sex, multiple partners having sex or have sex with men who like to change sexual partners, even can also be caused due to a family history of cancer.

Recognize Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Prevention is better than cure, that's an appropriate slogan for deadly diseases such as cervical cancer. Yet prevention is often overlooked because people are not so aware of the early symptoms of an illness.

Cervical cancer is also known as the silent killer disease that is difficult to find symptoms but can be known at an advanced stage, of course, this makes the process of treatment becomes difficult.

Course of the disease which infected up to become cancerous can occur 15-20 tahun.Apabila seen from the age of patients with cervical cancer experienced by women in vulnerable period of 35-55 years. If the incubation period is calculated from the woman more susceptible to HPV at age 20 or when sexual activity.

In the early stages of cervical cancer does not cause complaints, cervical cancer will cause symptoms at an advanced stage. Patients with cervical cancer do not have any specific symptoms, although some sufferers often complain of pelvic pain, bleeding after intercourse, bleeding outside of menstruation or experiencing abnormal discharge but all of the above symptoms can not be said of cervical cancer because they still have to perform a series of tests that can support the condition of the patient.

Although the early symptoms of cervical cancer is difficult to know but early prevention can be done by vaccination. Vaccination during adolescence is the age of 10 years can provide up to 98% perlindugan.

In addition to vaccination that should be done is to not have sex and maintain a healthy lifestyle because the environment can be a causative factor of cervical cancer that threatens women.

Recognize Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer - Conclusion

Cervical cancer is a disease that threatens the health of women and even cervical cancer is a type of cancer that membayakan nomber two women. Cervical cancer is caused by HPV that can affect anyone, HPV in the body can be cured by the immune system. While the cause of cervical cancer is HPV that infect the body in the long term.

HPV infected women who do not have symptoms that are specific, generally as an ordinary woman. The new HPV infections occur when've been long enough in the body of the patient is 10-15 years. This is menyebkan cervical cancer including the silent killer, because almost experienced by people without causing symptoms.

While some of the symptoms associated with cervical cancer sufferers usually feel pain after intercourse, bleeding outside of menstruation, bleeding after intercourse and abnormal vaginal discharge that occurs in people. However, these symptoms are not fully symptoms could be a sign of specific patients experienced cervical cancer.

Although the early symptoms are hard to find but when experiencing symptoms such as the above description should consult with a doctor to get a series of medical tests to determine whether cervical cancer or cervical cancer. Prevention is very important to do one of them by avoiding casual sex, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and vaccination.

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