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Beware of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Recognize symptoms and Responses

Beware of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Recognize symptoms and Responses - A disease caused by a corona virus attacks, most recently a stir Middle Middle East and the world at large. Dozens of people died due to this deadly virus infected. Then what is the actual disease called MERS?

If MERS is it?
MERS is a continuation of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, that is, a virus is caused by the coronavirus. This virus is a new type of Coronavirus family (Novel Corona Virus). The discovery of the virus was first reported since September 2012 that was first discovered in Saudi Arabia. And until June 2013, noted as much as 77 cases number of infections of MERS in the world. The most noted and reported in Saudi Arabia, Italy, the United Kingdom then followed, France, Jordan, Qatar, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

Of the total number of such cases, of which 40 cases ended with death. Although the cause is the same i.e., caused by a virus from ras Corona that has also become a major cause of illness Severe Acute Syndrome (SARS) virus, however this is not really the same, virus diseases of MERS is more similar to the coronavirus found in the bat.

MERS is a disease caused by respiratory sindrome coronavirus that attack the respiratory tract starting from mild to organ with organ weight. When a person is infected with MARS, the possible symptoms are usually ditampakan is coughing, shortness of breath, fever.

Then what are the other symptoms that may be felt by people infected with MERS
There are some things that we can learn in order to recognize what are some things that can be signs of a person infected with the deadly virus on this one. Recalling his attack infects the respiratory tract, then part of the following signs of illness MERS that may be felt by prospective victims.

In addition to coughing, shortness of breath and a fever or body that feels hot and cold is another symptom of the disease is acute and this disease usually occurs in patients suffering from diseases of the ko-morbid. If any of these symptoms is felt then it's good to check with your doctor immediately because the records regarding cases of illness MERS revealed about half of the number of patients suffering from MERS died of malignant viruses that continue to gnaw the respiratory tract.

Even some of his patients reportedly suffered respiratory tract disorders are level. That means for the patients who suffered respiratory tract disorders rate were only has a fairly high risk of death. For that is the only way to tell if someone is infected or not after getting the above symptoms is to consult the doctor in order to immediately get the handling.

Beware of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Recognize symptoms and Responses

What Is This Contagious Disease Of MERS? Then How The Transmission?
The same is the case with other respiratory diseases such as Severe Acute Syndrome (SARS), a disease of MERS can also be contagious. Talking about the transmission, until the moment the scientists are still conducting an investigation regarding the pattern of transmission. Because it has been found the existence of contagion between invidu to an individual resulting from close contact directly. Besides transmission from infected patients with health workers who treated him like a doctor and nurse are still investigating.

While the mechanism of spread of the virus from animals to humans corona is still examined to date, although there are allegations that the first human infected may have accidentally inhaling the dust of virus-infected animal feces MERS. However to prevent the spread of this deadly disease should keep direct contact with the sufferer so you don't become a victim.

Handling Disease MERS
This is an issue that is currently being faced, until today there is no drug that can specifically be used as a vaccine to prevent the infection diseases of MERS. In addition, it has not yet found a special treatment methods that can cure the disease of MERS. Meanwhile, the medical treatment only relieves symptoms and functioning supprotive only. Same is the case with the treatment of SARS sufferers for the patients, the treatment is done for sufferers of MERS is done at home ill do with intensive treatment, especially if there is shortness of breath. Sufferers will be placed in the room insulation so that the virus does not spread everywhere.

Until today there is no specific treatment available for the disease of MERS, besides anti viral treatment that is khususpun is not yet available, the current action was undertaken on handling the patients carried out based on the patient's condition. As for the best prevention is to run a healthy life patterns also avoid direct contact with sufferers who have been infected with a virus the cause of MERS.

In addition the use of masks was accidentally when there are contacts or being at one with the sufferer would be a good alternative. washing hands before or after work, especially after touching foreign objects while moving as well as cough etiquette when pain needs to be applied also to keep other people not infected with this deadly disease.

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