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Eliminate varicose veins in the legs effectively and safely

Eliminate varicose veins in the legs effectively and safely - Varicose veins are one of the disorders that occur in the areas around ft. Varicose veins is behind or in a term known as venous function returns the remaining blood metabolism of the whole body tissues back to the heart.
Varicose veins can cause blood circulation be hampered in areas around the limbs and calves while holding the body weights occurred due of aktiftas stand and walk upright in a long time, which will increase the pressure on the blood vessels are veins on the lower body of a sections.

Eliminate varicose veins in the legs effectively and safely

The main signs and symptoms of varicose veins, this is the emergence of a bluish colored veins that appear clear, wide and meandering. The sufferer may also feel pain, swelling, and pain in the legs especially calves. To in some cases, there are changes, swelling to ulcers on the wrist.

For most patients, varicose veins may be a disorder that only physically disturbing, but this can also potentially varicose veins cause pain and discomfort could even turn into a serious condition, therefore we recommend that you obtain the correct handling. These varicose veins can be caused by decreased levels of keelastisitasan on the wall of the blood vessel (vein), thus causing the venous blood vessels is weakened and unable to drain the remaining blood to the heart. And for more details again, here we know what are the causes of the incidence of varicose veins.

The Causes Of The Incidence Of Varicose Veins
As we know that the blood vessels in the body there are 2 kinds i.e., veins and arteries. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body's tissues. While the opposite Vein, i.e. returns the remaining blood metabolism of the whole body back to the heart. And to be able to return the blood from the entire body tissues back to the heart, the veins in the legs have to work against gravity.

Fortunately, the vein is located adjacent to the muscle, then stiff muscle contraction also has a role as well as for as the pump for this vein of work can help restore blood. Veins have valves that are small can be open when the blood towards the heart and can then be shut down so that blood does not come back again.

Eliminate varicose veins in the legs effectively and safely

Here are some things that can cause varicose veins appear that interferes with the normal mechanism described above :
Pregnancy. The condition of this pregnancy increases blood volume, but reduces the blood flow from the feet to the pelvic area. Changes of circulation is designed to be able to support the growth of the fetus, but unfortunately this is precisely such conditions can cause side effects that are less profitable i.e. blood vessels will dilate on the foot. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may also play a role. But, generally, varicose veins that develop during pregnancy this would get better by itself without special medical care, to achieve this recovery period, usually take more or less for 3 months.
Age. Along with increasing age and the older a person becomes, then the level of keelastisitasan blood vessels can be decreased even disappear making it easy stretch. In addition, the venous valves can also be weak, so that the blood that should move forward toward the heart of the contrary can flow backwards. Therefore, the pressure on the venous blood vessels become high so that it can stretch and enlarged varicose veins.

Menopause, and estrogen and progesterone contained on such pills, hormonal KB syringe and implants) are also potentially weaken the vein valves and changing the circulation in the legs which are ultimately able to culminate in the incidence of varicose veins
How To Remove Varicose Veins
To be able to remove varicose veins, there are several ways that you can do yourself, i.e. in a way that is natural in this way which you can do at home or in a manner in accordance with the advice of a doctor. Here are some natural ways that you can do at home.

1. The treatment of varicose veins Naturally
Symptoms caused by varicose veins is not just painful, in addition can be annoying, varicose veins can also cause cramps, pain and throbbing pain in the ankle is accompanied by swollen, this condition usually becomes more severe in certain conditions such as during hot weather, during a menstrual period or very long standing and much more. Here are some ways to treat varicose veins naturally.

  • Reduce The Time Sitting Or Standing. Too much sitting or standing is also one of the factors the incidence of varicose veins, because the legs especially calves part that must be memopong the body burden is too heavy. For that reason when you conduct a lot of sitting or standing then should intersperse with standing at least half an hour or 40 minutes.
  • Avoid The Use Of Heels. Shoes with low tumt will give kesemapatan the muscle on calf to work optimally. But for those of you who are required to always use heels every activity, it is worth please do stretching on the foot rest.
  • Note bodies weight and food intake. Obesity or overweight can increase the risk of affected by varicose veins. To that end, note the weight and keep it ideal. In addition, also follow a diet low in salt to prevent pembekakan as a result of fluid retention.
  • The exercise. A little exercise will help you avoid the risk of varicose veins, one of the palng exercise is walking. Walking is a good way to encourage blood circulation in the legs, but don't be too excessive to do it.
  • Elevate The Legs. Elevating the legs you can do at home while relaxing. It is useful to reduce the force of gravity on venous leg and increase circulation sarah not hampered. Lift up the foot while being relax, try to position the feet higher than the heart.

2. Treatment of varicose veins as recommended by Doctors
As for the suggestion of a few doctors had to tackle varicose veins that occur in the limbs are with some of the following ways:

  • The consumption of drugs or supplements that can relieve varicose veins.
  • Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids as much as 100 mg/day.
  • Consumption of Ginkgo Biloba as much as 120 mg/twice a day.
  • Use compression stockings or a special stocking varicose veins. Stocking the diguankan therapy for varicose veins pressing functions so that the volume of the blood vessels is not stuck on venous blood vessels. Which if this is the case then it is undeniable to mention such a condition likely to trigger the onset of varices.

Tip: when buying stocking therapy for sufferers of varicose veins, make sure the size is suitable with your feet. To this end, using a tape measure or a pharmacist can measure the distance to make sure if the size of the foot with the size of the stocking is the same size.
If it has gone through some treatment and therapy, but varicose veins that you never fully recovered as well. There are some special treatment that could be applied i.e. like:

  • Through the laser surgery
  • Vein Stripping
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Endoscopic vein surgery

That's him some way to resolve varicose veins, from glorious natural way to operating heavy road you can do in accordance with proficiency. All this and hopefully useful.

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