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The Bad Impact Of Soda For Health

The Bad Impact Of Soda For Health - Do you know if it turns out that many types of food in the world completely contained no nutrients? One of them is the soda but as we know the soda has a lot of fans. Because this drink has seemed to be a new lifestyle that is almost done by many people.
What else soda consumption can cause sensation of refreshing. But without them even realizing that real drink sodas have no nutritional or nutrition. But not only that, besides not having a content of nutrients, excessive soda consumption can also be bad for your health.

The Bad Impact Of Soda For Health

1. Soda Consumption can increase weight loss
For you who are undergoing diet program, consuming soda is clearly not wise choices. This is indicated by the results of a study conducted in Universisity of Texas Health Science Center who reveals that the more a person consume soda, it will be the larger the risk the person experiencing overweight or overweight. Consumes two or more cans of soda will be able to enhance the waist circumference of up to 500%.

2. Consumption of Soda can increase the risk of heart attack
Soda consumption as part of a lifestyle associated with an increased risk of heart attack it is expressed by a study conducted in Miami that those who consume sodas per day had a risk of 44% greater suffered a heart attack compared to those not taking it.

3. The consumption of Soda Bad For skin health
Did you know excessive consumption of fizzy drinks can have an impact on the skin and makes the skin problems experienced early aging. This is due to sparkling beverages can lower the pH levels in the body, which if this is the case then your body will easily once stricken with acne and make skin dull and not likely to be more bright.

4. Soda Consumption can increase the risk of development of Diabetes
Those who consume sodas each day or even to more than one time per day is said to have the risk of as much as 25% more likely to enhance the development of type 2 diabetes compared to those who consume no more than one drink containing sugar each day.

5. Soda Consumption can affect a person's Mood
Content of aspartame in fizzy drinks and soda can trigger a person to experience headaches and even up to a decrease in mood. Things like this are more likely to happen easily in those who have a tendency to feel anxiety or depression.

So some of the harms to health from consuming soda. Well, after reading this article, then it would be wiser if you reconsider to reduce consumption of soda you drink each day.

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