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Tips so that children are not fighting over toys

Tips so that children are not fighting over toysThe sister and the brother are two of the beloved mother's heartDuring the weekend, when all gathered at home is a fun activity that can gatherand gather together with all family members. Moreover, rarely get a momentlike this when the dads have to work and the older sister has begun to enterelementary school. At home, mother only left both together with the sister whowas still a toddler. That's why, activities together-dama became a moment ofrare very encouraging.

However, when the older brother and the younger brother are put together in a room and play together, there is always just a dispute going on. This occursoften because spurred on by mutual fighting over stuff that each clean soundwould like to have it. The young brother and sister who si too small, it is oftendifficult to organize them and ask one of them to relent. As a result, the Housewas once so warm with the community, is transformed into noise and brokeinstantly with both disputes.

If it is this way, mom and dad instantly wipe the brow and heaved a breath asalready too often faced with such conditions. However, as a parent, of course,we don't want to if the brother and the sister of keep stuck in disputes will betrivia. Instead, it will be difficult for parents to invite as well as both pieces of his heart was travelling out of the House. Moreover, when met with relatives or friends, father and mother. Children who fight each other scramble goods willcertainly make us feel shy and awkward with the oranglain attitude that saw two of our hearts.

Children who are fighting over the goods or toys are indeed things arecommonplace. Moreover, if given their egos when still children are still so highand his still-explosive meleda. In addition, children's actions are generallydifficult to predict, for a moment he wanted it and soon the kids already wantthe goods belong to oranglain, including the property of his brother alone.However, if this attitude is already no longer be permissible where bothberntindak outside the boundary with hurt each other when arguing andfighting over the goods, it is necessary for the parent action once could stop thedeeds kids. Moreover, they are both tied with incest. Lest, attitude and behavior of both get carried away until they are large and mature later, which it is fearedwill be growing competition within the children and make the hate present in him.

It is reasonable, when the older brother and the younger brother of grabbingstuff, the little sister often cry and scream, and the sister. However, it is not wiseif mothers keep underestimate this by not doing anything. Parents need tomediate in the quarrel of the child and is claimed to be able to apply Sageaddressing this dispute.

Well, so that the mother could cope with children who often scramble items ortoys. This time we will give easy tips so that they are no longer fighting over a toy and not get caught up in a dispute that has no end.

Be Objective Against Children
When the mother found the kids were at odds because of the scramble of toy, then do not then blame one of the oldest child to succumb and defend the little one with the reason her sister was still so small to understand all that.Preferably, ask in advance the base problem on one. And ask that others do soor not.

From this you will know what you should do next. If the item is indeed belonged to the elder, then ask your child to provide the least on his brother. After that,the most minor children are strongly encouraged to participate with you. From here, you can give your child understanding in small, that they should learn to appreciate the courtesy of oranglain. This is certainly not the only apply when the child is using or trying to take the big brother, but also the stuff other people have.

Do Not Force
When children play with his friends or his brother, should never force a child to share all that he had. Let the children choose their own toys or goods which hewould like to play along with oranglain. In this way, the child also will learn that not all the things he could share with others. In addition, when children followhis instincts were itself to be able to choose what he is for, then he will be able to give it more gracefully. So there is no reason for it can seize the goods by force from a friend or a brother.

Give a firm Rule On Child
One way to avoid perselisahan due to competing goods in children is to provide or impose strict rules on children. Only, of course these rules in accordance with the age of the child. Do not let you enforce the rules with cruel sanctions tagasas hitting a child, imprisoned sons and others. The most important of these points is to make children afraid or wary seize goods belonging to oranglainbecause you have made an agreement earlier with the little one. Thus, the strife and contention on the child could have been avoided.

Show The Attitude Of Understanding
When sue a friend or his brother seizing the toys themselves or they don't want to share with your child, you then say "already, leave alone." This wording would be more precisely indicates that children also are taught to ignore her feelings and her desire to play an item.
To that end, we recommend that you respond to the outpouring of heartchildren and check with the friend why he didn't want to share the game or whyhe captured piece. In this way, the children will feel appreciated and cared for.

Invite Children To Socialize
The theory teaches children to share not just enough to make the children understand. In the end, the kids will need a clear practice that will make him experience it. To this end, the mother could invite children socialize with neighborhood playground is new where there are children therein in accordance with your children, such as e.g. preschools or kindergartens. Here children will experience for yourself how share and not mutually scramble. Ask the children to be able to share it with your friends and his friends so that they can play together and enjoy his days.

Give a good example
In all things parenting is figures will always be emulated by his children. Both in terms of behavior or properties. Therefore, parents should be able to give a good example and be a minimal model for her children. When you want kids aren't always fighting over toys or items with friends and siblings, then teach the concept of sharing with dipraktikan in everyday life. In this way, children are indirectly aka absorb and pull what they see from both her parents.

The child's world is the world of the play is dotted with joy. However, when cheerfulness of expression terenggut because children's attitude of mutual fighting over stuff, of course this will make us overwhelmed face of children. Well, some of the tips above are expected to help the mother get solutions so that his children could not always fighting over stuff with relatives or friends.

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