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Treatment Of Breast Cancer Without Surgery

Treatment Of Breast Cancer Without Surgery - Traditional breast cancer treatment is becoming an alternative to you hit the development of breast cancer cells. Although in need of medical handling in order to know the extent to which the development of cancer cells in the breast you'll but this traditional treatment can accompany the medical treatment in breast cancer.

These are plants that have benefits for you in helping breast cancer treatment:
1. soursop Leaf
Traditional treatment of cancer with natural ingredients turned out to be not inferior to medical treatment, chemotherapy. Soursop leaf which turns out to have benefits for breast cancer, the study was supported by a study conducted in European countries. Even the researchers believe could treat diseases soursop leaves breast cancer more than the strength of the chemotherapy. The content of the soursop as acetogenins, muricapentocin, annocatacin, linoleic acid, annocatalin, gigantetroin and other compounds that turned out to have efficacy for treating some types of cancer, including breast cancer. You can make a tea with soursop leaf way 10 sheets soursop leaves the old boiled with 3 glasses of water and then reserving 1 Cup so it becomes then you can drink 2 times a day.
2. Flower Rosella
Roselle useful to preventing cancer and inflammation, and can assist you in controlling blood pressure and others. Rosella flower itself contains vitamin C, vitamin D, B1 and B2. Rosella flower itself contains calcium that is so high it also contains Magnesium, Omega 3, Vitamin A, Iron, potassium, Essential Acids & Caroteen Beta. See the substance alone is such a huge benefit that look will come by.
3. Skin of the mangosteen
The existence of the content from the mangosteen have anti cancer, inhibiting cancer cells in the breast. There are deposits of xanthone are beneficial for health especially for you in keeping kesehataan in helping to prevent breast cancer. Xanthone content can help widen blood vessels so as to facilitate the circulation of your blood. Besides mangosteen has a mineral content and kaliaum who turns out to be can help energy metabolism. In further research it turns out that not only the mere existence of the content however antioxidant anti cancer and mangosteen bauh xanthone in substances capable of inhibiting the development of breast cancer cells. The resulting extract from the bark of the mangosteen is capable of are antiproliferasi which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, including breast cancer. The mangosteen rind was able to extract and are capable of destroying i.e. apoptosis of cancer cells.
4. Turmeric
Turmeric turns out to have kandungajn curcumol can help you fight against breast cancer. Here's how you can use the white turmeric Rhizome peeled then boiled with 4 glasses of water to 2 cups. Then drink it regularly twice a day. Or you can mix 6 grams of turmeric white with 10 grams of loranthus tae add 5 grams of grass pearls and 5 grams of hibiscus tiliaceus Hedgehog as well as 3 grams of keladi tikus then boil with 3-4 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups of water. Chill briefly before drinking.
5. Vinca
Contains 70 types of alkaloids that can help you in the treatment of breast cancer. You can boil the 15 grams of leaves of vinca with 3 cups of water to a boil then strain the water grab. You can drink it regularly, twice a day in the morning and evening. Or you can also blend the leaf blades of tapa 10 doves, turmeric skin pulasari and the cob then fennel fruit with 3 cups of water to boil. You can add brown sugar to taste. Do 3 times a day each time with a dose of half a glass.

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