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Why Do We Get Nosebleeds?

Why Do We Get Nosebleeds? - Nosebleeds or in the language of medicine, known by the term epistaksis is a condition of discharge of blood from the nose that is often experienced by people a lot of people, especially children. Sometimes we feel embarrassed when the blood would bleed out when you're available.
But actually, no need to worry or shame, you only need to sit or stand erect and try not to lie in order to position the nose remained above, so that the blood from a nosebleed does not come out. Even though it looks so horrible, nosebleed is not a serious disease that should be feared, because the disease is not something a nosebleed but rather a symptom of a disease. Thus, the cause of a sudden nosebleeds occur could be triggered by a variety of causes ranging from mild to serious reasons.
Causes Of Nosebleeds
Thus, if someone actually to experience nosebleeds? Is it also a trigger? One thing that is very, very reasonable when someone to experience nosebleeds or blood from the nose, because the nose is located right in the face that are filled with blood vessels in the surrounding area, which will be very vulnerable to experiencing nosebleeds. And to answer your question if it triggers or causes the occurrence of nosebleeds, this is the answer. The cause is generally regular nosebleeds occur that trigger is triggered because the truma. And other causes can be local abnormalities on the nose or systematic abnormalities. The local disorders such as trauma, abnormalities of the blood vessels and many more. While systematic disorders, namely cardiovascular infections such as sitematik and many more. To further discuss in more details.
Here are some things that trigger the occurrence of nosebleeds.
1. The Trauma
The cause of the first nosebleed can be triggered because of factors such as mild trauma does occur collisions nose, scraping lightly on the nose, or removing dirt nose too hard, or it could be as a result of the trauma that was very good as it crashed, the accident hit the nose section and more. In addition, the nosebleeds can also be triggered as a result of the presence of foreign bodies or trauma surgery. Nosebleeds are often occurs due to a fairly sharp septum spina. Bleeding can occur in area spina itself or on mucosal konka.
2. The consumption of Certain Drugs
Nosebleeds can also occur in those who are in the process of healing by consuming certain drugs like anticoagulants, such as aspirin. If epistaksis (nosebleed) to occur in patients taking anticoagulant, hypertensive patients or patients who have abnormalities in blood clotting, then nosebleeds can last quite a long time to 20 minutes.
3. blood vessel Abnormalities (local)
Causes of nosebleeds due to abnormalities of the blood vessels, is often a cause of which is congenital or innate, where the size of the blood vessels more thin, wide, connective tissue and their cells are more less.
4. Cardiovascular diseases
Hypertension/high blood diseases and diseases of the blood vessel abnormalities such as occurred in arteriosclerosis, chronic nephritis, cirrhosis hepatis or dabetes mellitus can cause nosebleeds or epistaksis occurs. Epitaksis that occurs in people with cardiovascular disease is often excellent and can be fatal. For that reason, on this disease sufferers when epistaksis occur should immediately get medical attention in order to immediately get more serious handling.
5. Temperature changes
Temperature changes suddenly from hot to cold or vice versa can also cause the onset of epistaksis. It is common in people who live in a country that has 4 turn of the season, whereas in indonesia itself relatively constant temperature so this causes nosebleeds is very rare.
6. Systemic Infection
Systemic diseases that often cause the occurrence of nosebleeds is dengue (dengue hemorrhagic fever). Influenza, morbilli accompanied by nosebleeds also typhoid fever.
7. Hormonal Disorders
Nosebleeds or episteksis this can also occur in pregnant women or those who have entered menopause because of hormonal changes influence.

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