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How To Calculate Pregnancy Age

How To Calculate Pregnancy Age - Knowledge of Calculating pregnancy age are still much less understood by the pregnant mother. Whereas it is important to be able to know the gestational age is being lived. By knowing the age of pregnancy, an expectant mother can tell the progression or growth of organs of what is going on a fetus, the need for what is required by janinnya and what should and should not be performed during pregnancy.
In addition, by knowing the age of pregnancy, an expectant mother can know when to schedule an examination to be made either to the physician or to the midwife, and thus is expected to be healthy living are kehamilanyang and produce fruit hearts. During this most to be able to calculate gestational age are still relying on the good doctor or midwife, indeed it is recommended for the sake of accuracy of calculating gestational age. In addition, calculating gestational age is usually performed using ultrasound, which has a higher degree of accuracy by measuring the size of the skull, the length of the fetus, the size of the heart, kidney etc. However, there is no harm pregnant women know how to calculate gestational age can do on its own.

There are several ways that can be done of pregnant women to count the age of her pregnancy that has a good degree of accuracy, which were based upon: The First Day Of The Last Menstruation (HPHT) To be able to calculate gestational age you based HPHT can only be performed by pregnant women who have normal and regular menstrual cycles (28-30 days). To estimate gestational age based on HPHT DIAMONDS can be using the formula Neagele, besides being able to calculate gestational age, this formula can also be used to calculate the approximate day of birth (HPL).

The use of this formula is to add a 7 on the first day of the last menstruation, then reduce by 3 months and add 1 on a year, while for months that cannot be reduced 3, e.g. January, February, and March, then a month plus 9, but the year still not plus or minus.
If you are a HPHT nov 16, 2008,
+     -    +
7     3    1
8 - 23 - 09 (this date HPL)
So your birth time estimates is August 23, 2009, while for gestational age live count them every 23rd, so at the moment the date of 23 December, the mean gestational age you step on 23 January one month gestational age 2 months ... etc.

For Days the estimated Birth should plus grace period plus or minus 7 days. High Peak Of Uterus How to calculate gestational age with high peak method the uterus is by grasping the prominent peak of the uterus in the abdominal wall. The calculation starts from the pubic bone to the peak of the uterus. For example, if the distance between the pubic bone until the peak of the uterus is 18 cm, mean of pregnancy you are 18 cm. This calculation can also be done using the fingers of the hand. Every increase of 3 fingers shows the increase of the age of 3 weeks. If the peak of the womb already is above the belly button, increase in finger shows an age of 4 weeks.

However, calculating gestational age in this way rarely done. In addition to the two ways mentioned above, actually there are two more ways to do that is by detecting fetal jantun was first rate and fetal movement detection for the first time. But for both of these methods fit rates less, because the fetal heart rate and fetal movement for the first time is still weak, making it difficult to medeteksinya.

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