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Building Up On A Fast One Day Diet

Building Up On A Fast One Day Diet

Contrary from what the name of this fasting diet implies, the fast track one day diet plan is really an 11 day detox diet program that is composed of three stages. Like the majority of of fasting diets, it was created to remove harmful toxins off your entire body. You can drop about five to ten lbs utilizing the fast track one day diet. Other advantages that you could gain out of this fasting diet plan can be enhance of your vigor, and improvement of liver and colon performance, two main internal organs that are responsible for the toxin regulation within your body.

The initial phase of fast track one day diet program has a length of seven days. It is an important stage that prepares your body for the one day juice fast. During this period you must eat no more than one to 3 liver-loving foods. This includes cauliflower, broccoli, leaf veggies, lemons, garlic,  onions, asparagus, eggs, beets, celery, artichoke, limes, oranges, and whey protein. You should also eat at least one colon-loving meals too, such as powdered psyllium husks, milled or ground flaxseeds, carrots, apple, pear, and berries. You also need to consume half of your body weight in ounces of water, two helpings of lean protein, then one to 2 tablespoons of olive oil or flaxseed. You should also stay away from dietary fats, sweets, refined carbohydrates, products that contain gluten, soy protein isolates, alcohol, caffeine, and over the counter medicinal drugs.

The second stage of the fast track one day diet is the day of juice fasting. For this day you have to take in a cup of fluid every hour starting from the time you wake up. At the same time sip one cup of water and one cup of wonder juice. The miracle juice comprises of cinnamon, orange, ground ginger, nutmeg, orange, and lemon. The miracle juice is created by slowly building up the components for 15-20 minutes and including the lemon juice, orange juice, and stevia after it has cooled off. You must also take a serving of colon-caring supplement in the beginning and end of the day, in the form of two teaspoons of powdered psyllium husks, or 2 teaspoons of ground or milled flaxseeds, both mixed in a glass of water or miracle juice.

Finally, for the final stage of the fast track one day diet, follow the same diet guidelines that you did for the very first stage of the diet. Furthermore it's also wise to eat no less than one regular serving of probiotic food sources such as organic raw sauerkraut and yogurt with live active cultures.

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