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Fast Every Other Day

Fast Every Other Day

Fasting every second day diet, also called the QOD diet plan, is a distinctive way to lose weight without starving yourself. As opposed to most fasting weight loss plans that continues on for prolonged periods with very limited or absolutely no intake of food in any way, the QOD diet program does not slow down your body’s metabolic rate, thus is more effective in making you drop weight. The QOD diet program consists of an ON day in which you can consume food normally, and an OFF day where you must restrict the food consumption to 300 calories. Using this method, your calorie intake is going to be consistently low enough for you to shed weight eventually.

In the QOD diet plan you have to adhere to certain eating rules for each respective day for it to work successfully. The main objective of the OFF day is for you to digest  about 1,500-2,000 mg of potassium and 1,000 mL of water, while ingesting no more than 300 non-protein calories (400 if you are exercising) and 200 calories from protein. You also need to take 40-60 grams of high-biologic-value protein powder which will help you handle food cravings and maintain your muscle size. The advised foods that will help you fulfill these requirements are yogurt, orane juice, tomato juice, as they contain the sodium and calories that you'll require. You are also encouraged to take calcium, fiber, and multivitamins to keep your bowel movement frequently.

Meanwhile the ON days involves instinctive consuming, so it is not going to mean that one could stuff yourself on junk foods or other unhealthy foods on this day. You should also restrict yourself to 1 sweet helping and steer clear of snacking on candy or cookies. Steer clear of salty foods as it will make it hard for your kidneys to adjust during your OFF day. The reccommended rule for the ON days is that you ought to not be eating more than 1,800-2,400 calories if you are a male, or 1,200-1,800 if you are a female so you will lose pounds, although the quantities can change according to your age and activity level.

Towards the end of the day, the fasting every other day diet is a relatively non-punitive maintainable fasting diet regime that can be applied on a permanent basis.

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