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How To Start Your Three Day Fasting Diet

How To Start Your Three Day Fasting Diet

Fasting diets are wonderful way to detox the body of toxic compounds that accumulate from unhealthy diet. They could also aid you drop weight rapidly. But, they are not safe for a long-lasting eating routine considering that they deny the body of the nutrition that it requires to survive. As a result fasting diets are perfect to be done on a few days basis only.

The following is a good example of a safe 3 day fasting diet regime according to the book Prescription for Natural Healing. It is risk-free doesn’t as it does not make use of water alone, that could flush the toxins from the body too swiftly and trigger unpleasant and painful detox symptoms. It utilizes a live-juice diet to assist you deal with the unwanted effects of detoxing and promote healing of the body with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It also helps you become familiarized with the flavor of uncooked vegetables so that you can proceed to a healthier diet once the fasting period is over. This 3 day fasting diet is also devised for most people whose diet is filled with foods with stimulants and food addictions, so that your body will be ready  for the jolt of the cleansing.

The first step in the 3 day fasting diet is preparing one's body two weeks before the 3 day fasting diet. At this point, you have to slowly reduce your consumption of glucose, stimulants such as coffee and cigarettes, alcohol, meat, dairy products and seafood. By the end of  the second week, you have to be ingesting only fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Then three days prior to the fast, you have to mix the food that you consume to assist prepare your digestive tract throughout the fasting diet. Then for the fasting days itself, you need to drink your meals, along with at least 10 glasses of water and up to 2 cups of herbal tea. The juices that you can intake while fasting are lemon juice, other juices, master cleanser, recipe, leaf vegetables like kale, celery, spinach, turnip, cabbage, onion, parsley, and garlic. Following the 3 day fasting diet, blend your food once more for 3 days following the fast to prepare you body again for normal food. After that, you can slowly and gradually reintroduce solid foods back into your diet.

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